Category: Highlights

  • Environmental Sciences

    Dr. Kotnala prominently contributed in Environment & Air Quality Systems. Dr. Kotnala, as a leader for National mission, contributed for creating inventory of atmospheric data & to calibrate equipment used in the measurement of air pollutants gases, particulate matter PM2.5, and greenhouse gases for climate change due to Environmental Pollution. Dr. Kotnala visited Tel Aviv […]

  • Spintronics & Multiferroics

    Spintronic Device Materials: Stringently controlled experimentation on nanorods of ZnO doped by Li has resulted in room temperature ferromagnetism. A comprehensive theory has been formulated based on a correlated model for oxygen orbital with random potentials introduced by Li atoms which ultimately induced local magnetic moments on oxygen atoms. Physical Review B, Vol. 79, 12, 2009. Spin Hall […]

  • Magnetic Standards Lab

    Dr R. K Kotnala had established Magnetic Primary Standard Lab for the first time in India, in 1998 at International Level. A laboratory was established for primary standards for 10 magnetic measurement parameters in the preview of ISO:17025 for International Bureau of Weights & Measure, (BIPM) France. He also established an advanced state-of-the-art R&D lab on […]

  • Microwave Shielding

    Recently, in the telecommunication industry 5G technology is launched and has the potential to reach 20 Gbps speed based on 3GPP industry specifications. It is one of the fastest, most robust technologies the world has ever seen. However, there is a rising concern that 5G could be devastating to the environment. Most importantly, 5G will […]

  • Hydrogen Energy

    A Revolutionary High Purity Hydrogen Production Technology using Hydroelectric Cell for Zero-Carbon Credit First time in the world, high purity (99.98%) hydrogen is generated using hydroelectric cell by water splitting at very low applied power. Hydroelectric cell is a simple portable device to produce high-purity hydrogen gas. The existing hydrogen industry and its supply chain […]

  • Solar Cell

    Dr Kotnala obtained his Ph.D on Silicon Solar Cell from Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Delhi in 1982 and was the first PhD on Solar Cell in India. Dr Kotnala has got long experience in the research of solar cell to develop low cost fabrication technology. A process of fabrication of P ± NN + silicon solar […]

  • Green & Clean Electricity

    Mitigation of CO2 emission by Invented Green Energy Device Hydroelectric Cell Energy is the most critical component of any country’s growth and has a direct influence on the economy. Presently, there is a 20% share of electricity consumed in the world compared to fuels. But with the increasing demand for energy, the after-effects are significantly […]