Category: Global Challenges & Possible Solutions

  • E-Waste

    E-Waste: A Big Challenge to the Environment & Health, and the Solution is Hydroelectric Cell The energy generation techniques in the form of primary dry cells, secondary Pb acid battery, Li-ion cells and renewable solar cells are being extensively used in our day-to-day life. There is no consideration about the end-of-life disposal practices of discarded […]

  • Net Zero Carbon

    NET CARBON ZERO!!!GLOBAL WARMING!!! GREENHOUSE GAS EMISSIONS!!! Recently, these three terms have taken over the whole of media attention including every news channel, internet, global meets, and scientific discussions. The importance of cutting down the level of greenhouse gas emissions has been recognized by the whole world. Various evidences confirm that the earth has become […]

  • Global Warming

    The rise in earth’s average temperature is referred to as Global warming. Earth’s temperature has been rising slowly for a long time; however, its pace has suddenly increased in the last century. This temperature rise is a result of human activities leading to a large amount of greenhouse gas emissions. The trapping of the sun’s […]