Environmental Sciences

Dr. Kotnala prominently contributed in Environment & Air Quality Systems. Dr. Kotnala, as a leader for National mission, contributed for creating inventory of atmospheric data & to calibrate equipment used in the measurement of air pollutants gases, particulate matter PM2.5, and greenhouse gases for climate change due to Environmental Pollution.

Dr. Kotnala visited Tel Aviv (Israel) to explore the possibilities of green energy/clean water technology from air via humidity & Cyber Security technologies of the world for India.

He investigated and analyzed the role of environmental pollution in spreading COVID-19 during the lockdown period in India. Air pollution study conducted during Covid-19 lockdown has been explored and a significant reduction in the PM and trace gases (PM10, PM2.5, NH3, SO2, NO, NO2, NOx and CO) concentrations has been found across the megacity Delhi published in international journal.

Dr Kotnala is the President, Society of Environment Awareness & Protection (SEAP).