Industrial Contribution

  1. Chairman, National Accreditation Board of Labs, (NABL) QCI. Legal Metrology has been accomplished by NABL with the Ministry of Consumer Affairs & Food Distribution, by getting published in the Gazette of India on Feb 1, 2021.
  2. Promoted CRISPR Technology, TATA MD.
  3. Developed an international test based on IEC 404-2 & given consultancy to industries.
  4. Gold Certified Reference Material (CRM) known as Indian Reference Material, Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND) – A high purity gold primary calibration standard (BND 4201).
  5. Coal Certified Reference Standard Material (BND 5091).
  6. Calibration Facilities and Reference Materials for Testing of Breath Alcohol Analyzers.
  7. Calibration & Standardization of Biomedical equipment: “Primary Standard for Defibrillator Analyzer”.
  8. Promotion of Quality Atmospheric & Biomedical Measurements for Societal & Industrial Benefits (PRYAS).
  9. Established Magnetic Measurement Standards Lab of international level in NPL in 1998.
  10. Advisor to establish a lab on Advanced Anechoic EMI/EMC testing lab at EQDC Gandhinagar.
  11. Worked for circumventing the menace of electrical energy theft for Central Board of Irrigation and power (CBIP).
  12. Visited Tel Aviv (Israel) to explore the possibilities of green energy/clean water technology from air via humidity & Cyber Security technologies of the world for India.
  13. Providing Industrial Support for Magnetic Materials, Measurements and Power Loss in Electrical Steel used as core material for Transformer.
  14. As a NABL Chairman, till Aug 31, 2021 more than 2170 medical laboratories have been accredited.
  15. Formulated country’s first Award on Laboratory Excellence – Prof S K Joshi Laboratory Excellence Award 2021.
  16. Dr. Kotnala addressed “Present Scenario of Indian Labs and Challenges Faced” Virtual Orientation Workshop for ICAR Labs on R&D Exports organized by Federation of Indian Export Organization, 12-13 August 2021.
  17. Invited by NTPC as Distinguish Speaker on Hydrogen Economy-Hydroelectric Cell the Best Option to Develop Hydrogen Economy to Do Away Global Warming!
  18. Governing Council Member, Electronics & Quality Development Centre (Min. of IT & Communication), Gandhi Nagar and Vadodara (2008-2014).
  19. Renewable Energy India-special category product innovation for Hydroelectric Cell by UBM, REI Award 2018, Asia’s largest Renewable Energy congregation organizers.
  20. Industrial Support for Magnetic Materials & Electrical Steel:
  • More than 92 industries are being catered for their quality system based on ISO:17025.
  • Industrial consultancy service rendered to nine big industrial houses & PSUs for solving magnetic materials & measurements associated with complex problems of industries.
  1. Dr. Kotnala’s lab has been internationally recognised for 10 magnetic measurement parameters in the preview of ISO:17025 by International Bureau of Weights & Measure, (BIPM) France.
  2. International Standard Test Epstein frame IEC 60402-2 established in India in 1998 for magnetic measurements on electrical steel strips.

Industrial Consultancies/Projects undertaken

  1. Heat treatment of corundum stones to convert them into sapphire for M/s. R.K. Jain Gems & Jewellers, K29, NDSE Part II, New Delhi – 110 049; 1994-95.
  2. Analysis and suggesting the method for brittleness in Ferrite E-Core for M/s. Cosmo Ferrites Ltd., New Delhi; September 1994.
  3. Pilot compass test platform & setting up of Helmholtz coil at IGI Airport, New Delhi for M/s. Indian Airlines Ltd., New Delhi.
  4. DC magnetic field mapping of the deflection yokes used in colour picture tubes for M/s. Samtel Colour Ltd., Ghaziabad.
  5. Suggested a method for magnetic Crack Detection ITL Ltd., Mathura Road, Faridabad, June 1996.
  6. To study the effect of external magnetic field on energy meter for GOI Central Board of Irrigation & Power, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, August 1999.
  7. To investigate the effect of AC/DC magnetic induction on the performance of various types of energy meter for GOI Central Board of Irrigation & Power, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, January 2000.
  8. Suggested specifications for external AC magnetic induction on the performance of various types of energy meters (Phase II) for GOI Central Board of Irrigation & Power, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, January 2001.
  9. Evaluation of remedial measures for plant producing amorphous foils of electrical steel to reduce noise levels generation when used as a transformer core, M/S Vijay Electricals Ltd. (~ 5000 croreturnover) Hyderabad, June 2008.
  10. UV Sanitizer eBike Go Consultancy
  11. Continental Carbon, Ghaziabad
  12. US Patent: A Process for the Preparation of Conducting Organic Ferrimagnetic Composite, India, US Patent – (1362DEL 2008), June 2008.
  13. Industrial Consultancy rendered to Vijay Electricals on amorphous electrical steel foils plant in 2011.

Invited talks

  • Address on “Magnetic measurements on electrical steel strips using standard Epstein frame IEC 60402-2” in November, 2013, SCOPE complex Lodhi Road,
  • Invited Talk on “Influence of Electrical Steels on the Quality and Service Life of Transformers. Degradation in Efficiency & Health of a Transformer using Recycled Core Material”, 25 April 2014, Central Board of Irrigation & Power, Chankyapuri.
  • Address to experts from CPRI, Bangalore, CEA, Nippon Steel, ABB & Indian Transformer Manufacturer Association on “Saving energy from Distribution Transformer in two ways as: (i) Understanding Ageing Effects in Transformer Core & (ii) Not to use Recycle Core material in the Transformer”. A small increase in efficiency, say 0.5% of the distribution transformers in India would result in annual saving of 4 to 5 billion KWh together with reduced carbon emission (CO2) of 4 million Tonnes per year.

Special Projects Undertaken

  • Office of Naval Research (ONR), Washington, USA had entrusted in Dr. Kotnala’s work on multiferroics for development of electromagnetic sensor with Italy group and awarded USD 0.105 million as a contract project in 2010.
  • Research initiatives on Nano Sensors & Devices; project Coordinator from 2012 onwards (Rs. 3.5 Crores project Networking Project CSIR).
  • An active collaborator to the National Mega Project INO (Rs. 1400 Crores), for its precise magnetic measurements of gigantic iron-based magnet detectors & its materials’ intrinsic nature to act as detector for Neutrino. MoU between NPL & BARC.
  • Super Specialty Technical Building: Metrology Building Works Management Coordinator since 2010 onwards at NPL (Rs. 60 crores project). [Building area: 11228 Sq.m (3 storey); Vibrations < 1micron/10Hz; Temp. 22 degree C with accuracy 0.2 degree C]. To support precision measurements, calibration and traceability to international standards, a metrology building has been built in the NPL campus.
  • Helium liquefier facility (Turbine based) Rs. 12.6 Crores Project Leader at NPL. The facility is being operated with and without LN2 pre-cooling.
  • Societal techno-economic benefits through establishment of Magnetic International Standards Laboratory.
  • Earlier, a laboratory for primary standards on magnetic measurements was established and in 2012 this lab has been internationally  recognised for 10 magnetic measurements parameters in the preview of ISO:17025 by International Bureau of Weights & Measure, (BIPM) France.
  • Established an advanced state-of-the-art R&D lab on “Multiferroics & Magnetics Materials” at NPL.