Innovative Solution Provided to Industries

Innovative Industrial Solutions & Technology from Dr Kotnala:

                Dr Kotnala is enriched with 35 years of experience as a scientist and he possesses a leading provider of industrial technology solutions for Sustainable Energy, Environment pollution analysis, and Nano Materials in new rare dimensions of Green & Clean energy. His scientific acumen & advice is very helpful for industries’ innovative solutions to achieve net carbon zero through scientific ways of energy management.

               Dr Kotnala is well versed & experienced scientist with a niche understanding of global developments of industrial solutions and new strategies for “greening” relevant industry-based companies by reducing greenhouse gas emissions to accomplish net carbon zero.

          Moreover, he has acquired a long & rare experience in renewable energy, environment & Nano Energy Materials. Therefore he understands very well, how to meet climate goals and enhance energy efficiency solutions to reduce energy-related emissions.

       He has developed a group of experts for mapping the latest green technologies, production systems, and services. 

           Please find appended below a partial list of the industrial solutions rendered by him to the industries:

Available Green Energy Technology: The 21st century most significant invention in green & clean energy of Hydroelectric Cell technology US patented is ready for industrial R&D. Hydroelectric Cell is a revolutionary and wonderful invention to produce Hydrogen gas & Green Electricity using a few drops of water only, realized indigenously. At the global level Hydroelectric Cell is being considered as an alternative to Solar cell, Li-ion Battery, and Fuel cell, Hydroelectric Cell leaves no E-Waste after their usage as it is biocompatible. It uses no acid/alkali/electrolyte and Light during its operation!

             Industrial Support for Magnetic Materials, Measurements and Power Loss in Electrical Steel used as core material for Transformer & Transformer Power Losses measurements: A special effort in 2015 was initiated by Dr. Kotnala by addressing experts from CPRI, Bangalore, CEA, Nippon Steel, ABB & Indian Transformer Manufacturer Association. A detailed study was addressed how recycled electrical steel is harmful to use in transformers, which resulted in an increase the customs duty on recycled electrical steel.

     To save energy from Distribution Transformer in two ways as: (i) Understanding Ageing Effects in Transformer Core (ii) Not to use Recycle Core material in Transformer.

                  Evaluation of remedial measures for a plant producing amorphous foils of electrical steel to reduce noise levels generation when used as a transformer coreM/S Vijay Electricals Ltd. (~ 5000 crore turnover) Hyderabad (June 2014).


  • Solar Cell Technology: Dr Kotnala has got a long experience in the research of solar cell to develop low-cost fabrication technology. A process of fabrication of P ± NN +silicon solar cells by simultaneous diffusion of boron and phosphorus into N-type silicon through a thermally grown silicon dioxide layer of 0.1 micron thick was the main Ph.D. work. The process is well suited for large-scale production of back surface field (BSF) silicon solar cells. Moreover, this work was published in “ASSET” United National University publication as “Low-Cost Process – Solar Cell”.To enhance the efficiency of solar cell some new initiatives were undertaken in his work. Dr Kotnala,s remarkable contribution to Solar Cell has been very important and distinct as he published a book on it in 1986 which is popular even today. Many research papers published on solar cells.
  • Key Member, Project Monitoring Committee on the progress of BHEL Mega project of Rs 54.33 Crores on PERC Solar Cell Technology from Ministry of New & Renewable Energy, 2019-22.
  • In 2012 100 KW solar cell panels got erected & established for the performance test & analysis of the solar panels at EQDC Gandhi Nagar in the capacity of Governing Body member of EQDC.
  • UV Sanitizer Ovenfor killing coronavirus COVID-19 in a closed box like microwave oven was designed to concentrate UV light radiation and testing parameters to kill the virus in 5 minutes, eBikeGo, Mumbai in 2020-21. 
  • Fuel additive in Diesel & Petrol for increasing fuel efficiency was analyzed and conceptualized further, in Indore, Pratap Food & Snacks Industry in 2019.
  • Project Coordinator & PI from India: In 2011 a contract project from ONR (0.1 million US$) was awarded to him for developing a miniaturized electromagnetic sensor based on multiferroics besides other projects from DST, DRDO &; CSIR from time to time. 
  • Magnetite processing plant guidance & support to develop a process for manufacturing an International export quality product used for coal washing in 2017 for Phoenix Amalgams Pvt Limited. The coal washing plants have a bath of water where they maintain a specific gravity of 1.58 – 1.83 by adding Magnetite & then passing the coal through it. The lighter & good-quality coal floats & the shells or heavier coal come down as rejects. Tata Steel Limited had been importing Magnetite for a very long time from Australia & South Africa.
  • Advisor (RRF-DAE) Raja Ramanna Fellow (2018-) for magnetic field measurements for India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO)14 billion Project: The India-based Neutrino Observatory (INO) Project is a multi-institutional effort aimed at building a world-class underground laboratory with a rock cover of approx.1200 m for non-accelerator-based high energy and nuclear physics research in India. Magnetic measurements have a direct role to play in the Calorimetric determination of neutrino energy through the momentum/charge ratio of muons and the recorded trajectory as seen in the INO ICAL detector. At the present level of computation through GEANT the uncertainty in momentum is being improved further in order that it is not degraded further by a significant amount, the magnetic measurements are aimed at an uncertainty level of ± 2% or better.
  • EMI/EMC Test Facility Planned and Established: EMI radiations are highly harmful to our health. Its check & monitoring is very much required, for that, Dr. Kotnala & MD Dr. L S Sharma got to set it up a special facility of EMI/EMC 10 m Anechoic Chamber in 2012 at Electronics & Quality Development Centre (EQDC) at Gandhi Nagar (Gujrat Govt.) to help electronic instruments by taking test support from the EMI center at EQDC.
  • Biomedical Metrology: Established in 2015 for the first time in India,  i) MRI magnetic field calibration using primary standard Established 2013, ii). Defibrillator for Hospital emergency calibration Established 2017.
  • Healthcare & Biomedical Equipment Calibration as Special Contributions: During the COVID-19 pandemic situation in India, NABL played a leading key role as Chairman NABL Dr Kotnala (from Oct 2020 onwards) in getting the COVID-19 testing adopted through the NABL initiated accredited 1200 Labs in huge numbers across the country and could test RT-PCR in millions by ensuring the quality besides facilitated for other products such as ventilators, PPE, UV-sanitizers, masks and various medical equipment through 7200 Labs across India.
  • In 2021, GATC approval was sought from the Department of Legal Metrology Gazette of India which permits private Labs to test weight, length, and volume. Kotnala led such a strategic move through NABL /QCI to abolish Inspector Raj across the nation to enhance inclusivity and to improve quality for the common citizen to benefit Indian society through his scientific endeavors.
  • Advised on the creation of a new department of Advanced Material; Nanoscienceat DRC University of Sci & Tech, Murthal;Dr. B R Ambedkar Univ Lucknow, Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Aligarh Muslim Univ 2009.
  • US Project Coordinator from India: In 2011 a highly prestigious project from ONR (0.1 million US$) was awarded to Dr Kotnala for developing a miniaturized electromagnetic sensor besides other projects carried out by DST, DRDO &; CSIR from time to time.
  • Highly Super Technical BuildingMetrology Building Works Management Coordinator from 2010-14 onwards at NPL (Rs. 60 crores project). [Building area: 11228 Sq.m (3 storey); Vibrations:< 1micron/10Hz;Temp. 22oC with accuracy 0.5, 0.2oC]. To support precision measurements, calibration, and traceability to international standards NPL initiated to get constructed a metrology building in the campus. With this infrastructure facility, Indian industries and the trade sector can get globally acceptable world-class standards for different physical quantities in a highly precision-controlled environment.
  • Helium liquefier Plant facility Commissioned (Turbine based)(Rs. 12.6 Crores) Project Leader at NPL. The facility for getting Liquid Helium got erected & commissioned successfully in Oct 2012, after working for one & half years, this new central facility work coordination was facilitated by Dr Kotnala. It is being operated with and without LN2 pre-cooling at a rate of liquefaction: minimum ~ 25 liters /hour without LN2 pre-cooling & minimum of ~ 50 liters/hour with LN2 pre-cooling. In six months 6500 liters of liquid Helium is being produced by this plant.
  • Consultancy in 2014 for electromagnetic radiation & electric field detection & analysis for health safety under high voltage 32 kV transmission lines in Mahipalpur Farm Houses, New Delhi.
  • Magnetic particles of Iron oxide separation from carbon fillers worked as Advisor for Continental Carbon Ghaziabad, 2008.
  • Established Magnetic Primary Standard Lab for the first time in India, 1998 at International Level:A laboratory for primary standards was peer-reviewed for 10 magnetic measurement parameters as CMC in the preview of ISO:17025 in 2011 for International Bureau of Weights & Measure, (BIPM) France. Also established an advanced R&D lab, state-on-art, on “Multiferroic, Spintronics & Magnetics Standard” at NPL.
  • Circumvented the Menace of Electrical Energy Theft: Magnetic tempering proof energy meters were developed with new technical specifications 1999-2001. Worked for circumventing the menace of electrical energy theft for the Central Board of Irrigation and Power (CBIP) has helped to stop tempering the electrical meter by scrupulous people.
  • Analysis and suggestion for the method for brittleness & edge chipping in Ferrite E-Core for M/s. Cosmo Ferrites Ltd., New Delhi; September,(1994).
  • Pilot compass test platform creation, analysis & setting up of Helmholtz coil at IGI Airport, New Delhi for M/s .Air India (Indian Airlines Ltd)., New Delhi; 1997.
  • DC Magnetic Field Mapping of the Deflection Yokes used in color Picture Tubes to improve the resolution of different coloursfor M/s. Samtel Colour Ltd., Ghaziabad; (1996).
  • Suggested a method for magnetic Crack Detection in ferrous/alloy parts Ltd., Mathura Road, Faridabad, June, (1996).
  • To investigate the effect of AC/DC magnetic induction on the performance of various types of energy meter for GOI Central Board of Irrigation & Power, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi (.2000).
  • Advised & Worked for New specifications for external AC magnetic induction on the performance of various types of energy meters for GoI Central Board of Irrigation &  Power, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, (2004).
  • Heat treatment of corundum stones to convert them into yellow sapphire process Consultancy for M/s. R.K. Jain Gems & Jewellers, K 29, NDSE Part II, New Delhi – 110 049 (1994-95).
  • In 2015, Worked for a national mission to create an inventory of atmospheric data & to calibrate equipment used in the measurement of air pollutants gases, particulate matter PM2.5, and greenhouse gases for climate change through Environmental Pollution.
  • Contributed for the first time to establish Indian Reference Standards:i). Made in India (PM2.5 high volume  sampler), Indian reference materials BND,  ii). Breath Alcohol standard iii). Basmati Rice Reference BND.  iv). Environment Pollutants, water, gas and Biomedical Calibration & Standards.
  • Planned & Guided Protection of Human Health & Environment from Microwave Radiation EMI/EMC Test Facility in EQDC, Gandhi Nagar Gujarat, for environmental protection of human health from EMI & magnetic radiation emission test from electronic equipment & automobiles 2009-12.
  • Gold Certified Reference Material (CRM): It is known as Indian Reference Material, Bharatiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND) which is a high purity gold primary calibration standard for Jewellers and others. Dr. Kotnala and his team developed and certified 2016 as the first Indian standard on high purity (99.99%) gold with India Govt. Mint and BARC, will reduce cheating with gold buyers. It was needed for a long time.
  • Pristine Air Monitoring Station Dr Kotnala led the team dedicated to creating for the first time the national Pristine Air Monitoring station at Palampur to measure precisely air pollution. Data from this station is providing a baseline for Air Quality parameters to understand air pollutants in the cities more precisely. It was accomplished on March 29, 2017.
  • Coal Certified Reference Material (CRM) Standard Established in 2016-17. The use of Certified Reference Materials (CRM) on coal chemical properties is very essential for comparability and traceability of analytical results, calibration of instruments, and method validation. As a team leader and Director CIMFR Dhanbad  Lab,  achieved it. We are in a position to certify the bituminous coal as Bhartiya Nirdeshak Dravya (BND). For the first time, we have provided a coal standard in India.