Research Progress On Hydroelectric Cell

A path-breaking, green and clean energy device-hydroelectric cell was invented in 2016. The hydroelectric cell is an astounding, miraculous, and incredible invention in the green energy domain and a panacea towards achieving net carbon zero. The working principle of HEC has been validated in 28 different compounds and more than 40 research papers have been published in highly reputed International Journals.

Three Students have completed their Ph.D. in Hydroelectric Cell.

Around 18 students from different Institutes and Universities are pursuing Ph.D. in the hydroelectric cell.

Research on different metal oxides such as TiO2, SnO2, Al2O3, MgO, NiO, Fe2O3, spinel ferrite, CuO, ZnS, ZrO2, etc. as energy material for hydroelectric cell application has been going on.