Unique Managing & Scientific Capabilities

Dr. R. K. Kotnala has extraordinary capabilities of discharging his scientific, administrative as well as managing responsibilities simultaneously with quiet competence.  His scientific career is full of achievements. He has special ability to easily accomplish difficult and strategical administrative and technical tasks with the same caliber as in science. Along with the tremendous scientific benchmarks like process development for low cost solar cells, establishment of first Magnetic Standard Lab in India devoted for primary standards, development of humidity sensors, memory sensors and memory devices and the most recent groundbreaking invention in the area of green energy “The Hydroelectric Cell”, Dr. Kotnala has also contributed significantly for the strategic tasks for the nation. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Super Specialty Technical Building:  To support precision measurements, calibration, and traceability to international standards NPL proposed to construct a metrology building in the campus. Dr. Kotnala was the Works Management Coordinator of the super technical building from 2010-2014 at NPL. [Building area: 11228 Sq.m (3 storey); Vibrations:< 1micron/10Hz;  Temp. 22oC with accuracy 0.2oC]. By this infrastructure facility, Indian industries and trade sector got globally acceptable world-class standards for different physical quantities in a high precision controlled environment.
  • Project Leader for Helium liquefier facility (Turbine based) at NPL. The establishment of the central Helium liquefier facility in NPL was coordinated by Dr. R. K. Kotnala. Facility was established & commissioned successfully in 2012 just in one & half years.
  • Dr. Kotnala helped establishing a new “Advanced Materials Department” at University of Science and Technology, Murthal,
  • Advised on the creation of Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology at Aligarh Muslim University.
  • Dr. Kotnala was instrumental to establish the technical specifications for Central Board of Irrigations & Power (CBIP) to do away the tampering of energy meters by magnetic field AC/DC influence externally – a burning problem of various electricity authorities of India.
  • EMI/EMC Test Facility Established: EMI radiations are highly harmful to our health. Its check & monitoring is very much required, for that Dr. Kotnala planned & established a special facility of EMI/EMC at Electronics & Quality Development Centre (EQDC), Gandhinagar (Gujrat Govt.) to help electronic instruments by taking test support from EMI center at EQDC.

Being the member and chairman of several academic and management committees he has got a long enriched experience in policy & decision making on different R&D and administrative issues along with management & establishment of R&D institutions and facilities.